Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Called to Serve! (Day 2 - June 14, 2017)

After a morning meeting for the trainers we enjoyed a delicious lunch of chicken fajitas with a salad on the side, once again prepared by our spectacular chef Carolina. For desert we enjoyed ice cream and a snickerdoodle. 

After lunch a joint meeting was held for both the trainers and trainees. We discussed the doctrine of Christ, the Vision of the Mission, and how to be an effective missionary. 

And now for the long awaited companionship assignments!!!

Elder Barlow will be training Elder Christensen in Barcelona!

Elder Cox will be training Elder Holbrook in San Sebastian!

Elder Dye will be training Elder Rathke in Bilbao!

Hermana Martens will be training Hermana Bake in Vic!

Hermana Brudnicki will be training Hermana Ligon in San Sebastian!

Elder Kerr will be training Elder Zeeman in Logroño!

Elder Bowman will be training Elder Molina in Zaragoza! (Elder Molina's plane was still on its way when this picture was taken).




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  3. So happy to see my daughter looking so happy and well!!